Chamber Choir

Polyphonic Picnic

Music about food and satiation

Thursday 15 June 2017, 19:30 - 21:30
St Andrew Holbornmap ]
5 St Andrew Street
London EC4A 3AF

Orlando Chamber Choir
Peter Foggitt, director and piano

This food-themed programme draws together three distinct themes. Firstly, sacred music whose purpose is the commemoration of the Eucharist, the great spiritual feast of the Lamb of God; secondly, secular music that celebrates the nourishing of the temporal body with various kinds of delicious things; and thirdly, music by composers whose names are, in some sense, edible. Occasionally, these overlap, as in Gallus' setting of Bernard of Clairvaux’ poem Jesu, dulcis memoria; occasionally, the spiritual and the temporal can be described using one set of words with two interpretations, as Palestrina points out in his preface to his Song of Songs settings; and on one occasion, a Biblical theme is updated, as in Rheinberger’s fantasy on the story of Jonah. The alcoholic tendencies of medieval monks are parodied in excerpts from the Missa Potatorum, which draws on the Gospels and the ancient monastic plainsong tradition to depict the debauchery indulged in by certain members of the religious orders.

In each half, a piano miniature by Rossini is named after one of the composer’s favourite foods, and at the conclusion of the concert, the Toast pour le nouvel an concerns itself with both the eternal joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the quickly-expiring pleasures of sparkling wine.

There will be vinum bonum in the interval too, and a variety of foods to complete this all-sensory polyphonic picnic.


Tomás Luis de Victoria (c.1548 - 1611)
Lauda Sion salvatorem
Francisco Guerrero (1528 - 1599)
O sacrum convivium
Osbert Parsley (c.1510 - 1585)
This is the day
Jacobus Gallus (1550 - 1591)
Jesu, dulcis memoria
John Dunstable (c.1390 - 1453)
Descendi in hortum meum
Thomas Weelkes (1576 - 1623)
Whilst youthful sports
Orlando di Lasso (c.1532 - 1594)
A ce matin
Gioacchino Rossini (1792 - 1868)
Les noisettes (piano)
William Byrd (c.1540 - 1623)
O sacrum convivium
Guillaume Dufay (1397 - 1474)
Ad cenam agni providi
Giovanni da Palestrina (c.1525 - 1594)
Introduxit me rex
Peter Foggitt (1984 - )
Pange, lingua, gloriosi Corporis mysterium
Gaudeamus omnes
Thomas Tallis (c.1505 - 1585)
O sacrum convivium
Gregorio Zucchini (c.1550 - c.1616)
Sanctis Apostolis inclita gaudia
Francesco Gasparini (1661 - 1727)
Panis angelicus
Jean Mouton (c.1459 - 1522)
Tota pulchra es
Orlando di Lasso (c.1532 - 1594)
Lucescit iam o socii
Josef Rheinberger (1839 - 1901)
Der Jonas kehrt im Walfisch ein
Gioacchino Rossini (1792 - 1868)
Les cornichons (piano)
Lugeamus omnes
Bonum vinum
Orlando di Lasso (c.1532 - 1594)
Vinum bonum et suave
Gioacchino Rossini (1792 - 1868)
Toast pour le nouvel an