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Orlando Chamber Choir is always interested in hearing (from) enthusiastic new members - we're currently looking for a top-a tenor or two. You'll need a good voice that blends with the current group of singers, and the willingness to commit to weekly rehearsals - we are not a project choir. Good sight reading is essential. Orlando Chamber Choir mainly performs Renaissance and baroque works so an interest in "early music" is essential!

The choir prepares four programmes each year, leading to concerts in November, December, March and June. Most of them are a cappella performances, sometimes with solos or accompaniment by choir members. Once every year or two we tackle a larger work with a professional band and soloists. The festive Christmas concert includes audience carols, readings and a raffle.

Usual concert terms consists of eight Thursday evening rehearsals (19:00 - 21:30), an all-day Saturday rehearsal (10:30 - 16:30) and an afternoon dress rehearsal (16:30 - 18:30) on the concert day. Most rehearsals take place at St Botolph's Church Hallmap ] near Liverpool Street Station.

Choir subs are £300 per year, payable by monthly standing order of £25. This translates to just over £7.50 per rehearsal including sheet music and interval catering. If the subs are a problem, please let us know - so far a solution has always been found.

Orlando Chamber Choir is not just a group of ambitious singers but also a friendly bunch. After rehearsals we usually round off the evening at a pub near our rehearsal venue.


If you want to become a member of Orlando Chamber Choir you will need to join us from the first or second rehearsal of the term. Please contact us at with some information about your singing experience. Are you a high soprano, a baritone, a second bass? How would you assess your sight-reading skills? What group(s) do you currently sing with or, if you're not a choir member at the moment, when did you last sing and with whom? Are you taking singing lessons? Do you regularly play a musical instrument? And - trick questions - do you like Renaissance music and cake? We're keen to hear all about you and will be in touch about your audition within a semi-breve.

Auditions typically include exercises testing intonation, voice range and sight reading. You will also be asked to prepare a short solo piece.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information!