Chamber Choir


Singing apart together

Monday 23 March 2020, when lockdown started - 
Monday 17 May 2021, when restrictions relaxed

Orlando Chamber Choir
Lucy Goddard, director
Edgar Chan, video
Ron Keefe, audio

With the coronavirus restrictions impeding rehearsals and concerts, Orlando Chamber Choir dares to reach for the cloud with a virtual performance of Tallis' If ye love me and Byrd's Ave verum corpus. It took headphones, microphones, laptops, mobiles and extensive tangles of wire to record each single line in solitary self-isolation - trying to beat the internet lag and stay in tune and time from our various geographical locations. One of our singers, Ron Keefe, expertly mixed our individual audio tracks together to create a semblance of the Orlandian sound, after which another member, Edgar Chan, skilfully lined up the resulting sound file with our many mugshots. Please enjoy the magnificent magic of their manipulations in the videos below - in which, alas, even their combined technology couldn't comb over our Corona coiffs...

  • Tallis - If ye love meVideo icon
  • Byrd - Ave verum corpusVideo icon


Thomas Tallis (c.1505 - 1585)
If ye love me
William Byrd (c.1540 - 1623)
Ave verum corpus